The Primary School is for children ages 3-11 and includes pre-school through Year 6.  Pre-school students follow the Early Years Foundation Stage.  Students in Years 1-6 study mathematics, literacy, Norwegian, music, physical education, art, and information and communication technology as "stand alone" subjects.  Specialist teachers are used to deliver the Norwegian, art, music and ICT programmes.  All other subjects are taught through the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). IPC is an integrated, thematic programme of study that lays great emphasis on learning styles and the most recent research into how children learn. Each IPC Unit of Study includes an international element.

Lower Secondary School is for Years 7-10 (ages 11-15).  The framework is built around seven subject groups that provide each student with a broad and balanced choice of subjects in every year of the programme. Subjects include languages (English, Norwegian, and French or Spanish), humanities, sciences, mathematics, the arts, and physical education.  Students are also required to participate in the PSHE programme to support their personal development and have the opportunity to select one course from a set of electives that either satisfies national requirements, or allows for the development of practical skills.

Upper Secondary School includes Pre-IB and the IB Diploma Programme for students in Years 11-13 (ages 16 - 18). Students study 6 academic subjects concurrently; English, Mathematics, a Humanities subject, a Science, a Second Language, and an elective.  At least three subjects but not more than four are taken at higher level, while the others are standard level.  In addition, all students must complete a 4,000 word research paper on a topic of their choice (Extended Essay); participate in at least 150 hours of Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) and fulfil the requirements of the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course.

English is the language of instruction for all of our programmes and Norwegian is compulsory for all students in Years 1-10.