Primary School

The Primary Co-Curricular Activities utilize the culture of Norway to enhance the educational experiences of the students and to promote intercultural and international awareness. The following Co-Curricular Activities are offered in the Primary School and are compulsory:

  • Nature School - Students in Pre-School to Year 2 attend one session a week over a four week period. Lessons about local plant and animal life are held by instructors from the Ski Federation.
  • Swimming Lessons - Once a week for six weeks students receive swimming lessons at a nearby indoor heated pool. 
  • Activity Days - During Term 1 students are able to make use of and enjoy nature through an all day walking trip in the forested area north of Oslo and along the Aker River. At the end of the school year students in Year 3 and Year 4 visit museums, while those in Year 5 and Year 6 partake in a whole day bike ride on forest tracks.
  • The overnight camp for Year 5 students takes place at the start of the school year. Students stay overnight at a local farm and are accompanied by teachers from the Year 5 teaching team. Various types of activities are held including hiking along nature trails, archery and an obstacle course.
  • Brennabu Winter Activity Centre is located the beautiful Valdres area of Norway about 200km northwest of Oslo. During this a five day/four night trip students participate in a variety of activities:cross country and slalom skiing, igloo building, acquiring knowledge of the mountains and learning about selecting the correct type of clothing, the effects of wind on the temperature, safety and snow avalanches.  There is also a full day ski expedition.  All activities are carried out by qualified ski and mountain instructors from the centre. The students live in cabins, have all meals provided and are accompanied by members of the Year 6 teaching team.
  • Visits to museums and factories (half and full day) are part of the International Primary Curriculum and Norwegian Program. These include visits to the Fram Museum, Viking Ship Museum, Munch Museum and Freia Chocolate Factory.
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Secondary School

  • Brennabu Ski Trip (YR 7) 1 week camp - learning the Norwegian way of living during winter in the mountains (skiing, snow shoeing, alpine skiing, survival in the mountains)
  • Kragerø Sea School (YR 8) 1 week camp - learning the Norwegian way of living on the ocean during Spring (geology, marine life, sailing, fishing, exploration, boat safety)
  • Troll Aktiv (YR 9) 1 week camp - learning the Norwegian way of living during summer at an outdoor activity camp (rock climbing/rapelling, mountain biking, canoeing, kayaking, white water rafting, team buliding, rip wire, banana boating, water safety)
  • Language Trips (YR 10) - YR 10 students go to France, Spain and explore Norway. The purpose of these trips is for students to use their acquired language in real life settings, experience the culture of the country and meet students of their age. Students live with a native speaking family in Spain and France.
  • Field Trips (YR 7 - IB) - various subject field trips throughout the school year bring the classroom into the real world.
  • Class Culmination Activity (TR 7 - 10) - all YR 7 - 10 classes finish the school year with a 1 day activity. This gives the class a chance to end the year in a social learning situation outside of the school.
  • Model United Nations (IB1/2) - students practice and participate in the MUN annual conference in Sandefjørd.
  • CAS Trip - IB1 students travel to Mozambique to work at the Bobole School, in collaboration with the International School of Mozambique. More about our humanitarian program and the Bobole School Project here.

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