OIS is an independent international day school with 650 students representing 46 countries.  Our diversity is matched by our academic excellence as one of the top schools in Norway in overall academic performance and IB Diploma results

Admission is competitive, but each year OIS admits approximately 150 students with major entry points at Year 1, Year 8, Pre-IB (vg1) and IB1 (vg2). Students are admitted based on the student's ability to access and benefit from the challenging international curriculum offered by the school, our ability to provide additional support appropriate to the student's individual needs, and the availability of space in the appropriate year level.

Although we typically have more applicants than places to offer, our primary mission is to serve international students who are in the Oslo area for a limited period and who need a high quality international education in English.  We will make every effort to admit all qualified applicants in this category.

August admission
In March our current families are asked to re-enrol or advise the school if they will be leaving.  Their responses will give us an indication as to the number of available places we will have to offer in August.

We advise international expat applicants to submit completed application packages as early in March as possible.  Completed application packages are reviewed for decision on an on-going basis in March and early April for the main intake in August.  Application packages received later than April will also be considered on a case-by-case basis with new students being admitted until we are full.

While we are able to admit and serve students with mild learning difficulties, students are expected to function in a mainstream classroom and only applicants whose needs can be met by the school's support services will be admitted.

Note: Local residents (Norwegian citizens and permanent residents) have a firm application deadline of 1 March and will receive a decision on 1 June.

Mid-year admission
International expat applicants may submit an application package to start during the current school year and will be admitted based on availability in the appropriate program.  Completed application packages will be reviewed for decision as soon as possible upon receipt and you will be advised by e-mail as to the status of your application.

Mid-year admission is usually not possible for students entering the IB diploma program nor do we typically admit students to begin any later than April.

Student Placement
Placement is at the discretion of the School and, in determining placement, the School will consider several factors, including the child's age-appropriate year level, academic ability, level of achievement relative to the school's current students and the child's behaviour.

To help you determine the year level/grade for your child, please refer to this link:  Class Age Guidelines