Oslo International School is organised as a not-for-profit educational trust. As such, it is regulated by Norwegian law, which requires that there be a Board to oversee the activities of the Trust.

The primary functions of the Board are:

  • To oversee the financial status of the school in accordance with Norwegian law.
  • To give overall strategic direction to the school’s operations and to ensure that the agreed goals of the school are met with accordance to the stated Philosophy and Aims.
  • To appoint and appraise the Head of School.

The Board is made up of between 5-9 members. The Board elects the chairperson and it appoints new members when this is necessary. Board members serve for two years and can be re-appointed. Each member of the Board makes decisions on the basis of what is best for the School, rather than representing a constituency. The Board currently meet about 8 times each school year.

Email address: Ois.Board@oslois.no

OIS Board Manual Version 7 - August 2011

School board members 2016/2017:


Ragnar Horn

(Norwegian) Chair and member since 2004

Children at OIS: None
Education: MBA, Harvard University; BA Williams College
Occupation: Private Investor



Bård Bjølgerud

(Norwegian) Member since 2013

Children at OIS: Year 10
Education: MBA Norwegian Business Shool (Bergen), first year Psychology and first year Mathematics and Preparatory examination.
Occupation: CEO & Partner, Pangea Property Partners

Kine Bruvik

Kine Beyer Bruvik

(Norwegian) Member since 2016

Children at OIS: Year 4, Year 10, IB1 and IB2
Education: Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration (Siviløkonom NHH)
Occupation: Self- employed Private Investment company


Eric Carlson photo_cropped_361x469_cropped_340x462

Eric Carlson

(American) Member since 2015

Children at OIS: Year 4 and Year 7
Education: Bachelor of Arts degree (history), Baylor University, Juris Doctor degree from the Southern Methodist University School of Law
Occupation: Counselor for Political and Economic Affairs at the U.S. Embassy in Oslo. Previously; Counselor for Political-Military Affairs at the U.S. Embassy in Rome. Joined the U.S. Foreign Service in 1994


Siv Galligani

(Norwegian) Member since 2013

Children at OIS: Year 7
Education: 4 years bachelor's degree in  finance, business and administration at Oslo Business School
Occupation: Owner and board member FA Holding

Mike Hynekamp_2

Michael Hynekamp

(American) Member since 2016

Children at OIS: Y5 and Y8
Education: Columbia Business School (Executive) & Fairleigh Dickinson University (MBA Corporate Finance)
Occupation: Chief Operating Officer, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics



Jennifer Kvam

(British) Member since 2011

Children at OIS: NA
Education: St. Hilds College, Durham Teaching Certificate, Middle Years Programme in Mathematics
Occupation: Secondary Math Teacher


Gayle Ludvigsen

(American) Member since 2015

OIS Staff Representative
Children at OIS: NA
Occupation: OIS Primary Teacher



Das Nathan

(British) Member since 2009

Children at OIS: IB1 and IB2
Education: MBA, Harvard Business School; BEng and MSc (Mechanical Engineering), Imperial College
Occupation: Engineering and Business Development


Board meetings 2016 - 2017

Day Month Year Info
27 September 2016  
2 November 2016 Open meeting with the OIS Community in the Lobby @18.30
6 December 2016  
24 January 2017  
28 February 2017 Open meeting with the OIS Community in the Lobby @18.30
2 May 2017  
6 June 2017