Step 1: Online application and supporting materials

Your application package should include the following:

  1. Online application form (via the link above) including a copy of the applicant's passport (the page giving name and birth date)
  2. Pay Application fee (link to credit card payment) non-refundable fee
  3. Three years of School records.  School report cards/transcripts for the previous two years (all marking periods) and all records for the current school year, as available, including results of any standardized testing and educational or psychological evaluations.  Records must be officially translated if not already in English or Norwegian. Applications for students with diagnosed special educational needs should also include all relevant evaluation documentation. This will be reviewed confidentially by our learning support team.
  4. Completed School Recommendation form (see Forms link for specific year level recommendation form to give your school)
  5. Completed Health Declaration form
  6. Completed School Fee Payment Details

Please find the relevant supporting forms available to print via the link on the left.

All information regarding the applicant's education prior to arriving at OIS must be submitted at the time of application (e.g. special educational needs reports, discipline records, etc.).  If any relevant information is withheld at the time of application, the school has the right to withdraw the place at a later date.

Supporting documents may be submitted to OIS by:
E-mail  or
Post             Admissions Office, Oslo International School, PO Box 53, 1318 Bekkestua, Norway

The admissions office will endeavour to confirm receipt within approximately 48 hours, and will request any outstanding items.  Please note that applications must be complete in order to be considered for admission.

Step 2: Review of Application and Admissions Status Notification

Once the school has received all of the above information, including the application fee, it will be reviewed by our Admissions committee.

If the application materials indicate that the student meets our admissions requirements and there is space available in the appropriate program the student will be offered admission in writing, in the form of an offer letter/confirmation of a place. 

Once the applicant has been offered a place, the parents will need to confirm the offer by returning a signed copy of the offer letter, usually within 14 days.  A mandatory orientation meeting with the student and parent(s) will also be scheduled to be completed prior to the student starting in school.  Depending on acceptance date, the first term's fees may also be due. If the confirmation deadline is missed, the offer may be withdrawn.

If a student does not meet our academic requirements, or if there is not space available in the appropriate program, the family will be notified in writing by our Admissions Office. 

All offers are conditional subject to the student meeting the academic, behavior, and financial requirements of the school.  Evidence of special needs or any involvement in special needs programs must be provided during the admissions process.  Withholding of such information may result in the withdrawal or amendment of the student's offer.

Step 3: Orientation Meeting Prior to School Start

A mandatory orientation meeting with the student and parent(s) will be scheduled to be completed prior to the student starting in school. 

Orientation meetings for students beginning in August will be scheduled to take place in May, June, or early to mid-August in order have the majority of new students begin in school on the first day of term. Mid-term arrivals will start in school approximately 2 days after their orientation meeting takes place.