Step 1: Online application and fee payment

Online application form including a copy of the applicant's passport (the page giving name and birth date)

Application fee payment (link to credit card payment) this fee is non-refundable, even if, after processing, the applicant is not offered a place or the application is withdrawn.

Step 2: Submit required supporting documents

School records/transcripts, translated into English - school records to be sent directly to OIS by the applicant's most recent school
Confidential OIS Recommendation Form to be provided to the applicant's most recent school for completion
OIS Health Declaration form including copies of all vaccination records
School Fee Payment Details form

Please find the relevant supporting forms available to print under Forms.

Step 3: Review of Application and Admissions Status Notification

Completed application packages will undergo a detailed review by key faculty and staff, including the admissions office and Head of School. Families will be advised of our decision in writing via e-mail.

Step 4: Orientation Meeting Prior to School Start

Upon acceptance of a place in school, families will be invited to a mandatory orientation meeting with a Principal/Counsellor. The student and at least one parent are required to attend prior to the student starting in school. 

Orientation meetings for students beginning in August will be scheduled to take place in June or in August, 1-2 weeks prior to school start, in order have the majority of new students begin in school on the first day of term. Mid-term arrivals will start in school approximately 2 days after their orientation meeting takes place.

Enrolment remains conditional subject to the student meeting the academic, behavior, and financial requirements of the school.