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Mini Volleyball Tournament - March 10, 2018

Tournament Fee - 250 NOK

Norwegian mini volleyball liga - season 2017/2018

What: Norwegian mini volleyball liga - season 2017/2018

When: March 10th at Ottestad (1h 45min from Oslo)


How does it work?
Each team can have 2-3 kids.
The championships can take a few hours ... it just depends on how many teams participate.  Parents can also help to judge, organize and coach on the day.

We will organize rides and need help of parents with kids supervision, so all the parents don’t need to be there!

Usually, the levels 1-2 play in the morning, maybe from 10-1300. Ois will have teams level 1-2. 

We will know the exact times only closer to the date, as it will depend on the amount of team registered! Last time they had 50teams playing levels 1-4.

This should be a fun day of learning and cheering for their mates! 

First time ever Ois will participate in this mini volleyball tournament!! You are making History right here!


Coach Ana

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