OIS has its very own School Counsellors, both for Primary and Secondary School. The counsellor’s role in the school is to help students become healthy, confident and successful learners. We believe that students learn best when their social emotional needs are supported. The School Counsellors collaborate with teachers, parents and other community professionals to help support the emotional needs of our students. 

The Counsellors services include individual or group counselling, consultation with parents and teachers, referrals to community resources as well as class lessons designed to support emotional growth and development.

Typical issues for the School Counsellors:

  • Friendship and social skills
  • Organizational/homework skills
  • Self-esteem
  • Decision making
  • Communication
  • Problem solving
  • Anxiety, emotional regulation, coping and resilience skills 

Please stop by or email if you would like to talk with the School Counsellors about any concerns or thoughts that you or your child may be having relating to home/school life!


Cara Lange2.jpg     .             Diane Cooper.jpg

Primary School Counsellor (left): Cara Lange, Cara.lange@oslois.no, located in Room 818 in the Primary School
Secondary School Counsellor (right): Diane Cooper, Diane.cooper@oslois.no, located in Room 628 in the Lower Secondary.