Photography 1

Photograpghy YR 3 - 6

650 NOK

Photography YR 3 - 6 - www.cthrumyeyes.com 


This is the perfect photography course for anyone brand new to photography. Learn it in a fun way! It contains an introduction on the history of photography and basic photography composition techniques. Most of this course is broken into projects of composition themes. Each lesson contains and introduction to the project with photography tips tailored to the assignment. I'll explain what the project entails and get the kids excited for it watching videos and looking into examples. Then, we go out around the school or out and about for them to register adventures on their own. Finally, each lesson culminates in a photo review in the class.

What Will I Learn?

  • Take better photos with any camera you have
  • Shoot better photos with basic composition skills
  • Learn the basic history and technique of photography
  • Practice basic photography skills over 9 lessons


  • You need no prior photography knowledge. We'll start with the basics and have fun with all of our projects.
  • You need to bring your IPAD, or a phone with a good camera or a point and shoot camera (small)

Here are examples of Photo Adventures:

  • What's in Your House? (homework)
  • Architecutre - What's That?
  • Animals and Pets (homework)
  • Individual and group Portraits
  • Plants and Nature
  • Bug's Eye and Bird’s Eye View
  • Photo Scavenger Hunt for Lines and Shapes
  • A-Z Photo Find
  • Pick-a-Color
  • Photo Journal (homework)

At the end on the course:

  • We will choose our best photos and create a photo book for each one  (additional cost of 250nok per child)
  • Choose 5-10 best photos of each child and have a exhibition in the OIS lobby  

Day: Tuesdays

Time: 15.15 - 16.45


March: 6, 13, 20

April: 10, 17, 24

May: 8, 15, 22

Instructor: Ana Tonidandel

Room: TBA

Minimum participant number: 10


Stock: Utsolgt.
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