The Primary Division curriculum is based on the philosophy of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) with its emphasis on different learning styles and the most recent research into how children learn. IPC is an enquiry based, integrated thematic programme of studies. Each unit of study within IPC covers elements of history, geography, science & technology and art pertaining to the topic being studied. Each IPC unit of study has an international perspective and includes elements to develop the students' international mindedness.

The Primary Curriculum also offers mathematics, literacy, and specialist teachers deliver the Norwegian, art, music, physical education (PE), information and communication technology (ICT) and personal, social, and health education (PSHE) programmes. Read more in the Primary School Prospectus.

At OIS we value parents' support in driving student learning through talking positively about our school, the school environment, our students and the learning experiences at home. Read more about what you can say to your child that will make all the difference in Helping your Child with their Learning.

OIS Primary School, video created by OIS students Jona and Julian Silberberg 2016/17 as part of CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service Learning)

School Day

08:50-15:05 Monday to Friday.

Placement and Promotion of students

In most cases, students will be placed in their age appropriate year group with consideration given to their total years of schooling.  Normal practice is for students to move automatically to the next year group.

However, as stated in our admissions policy admission to one division or year level does not guarantee continued enrolment in the next school division or year level. Reenrolment is confirmed on a year-to-year basis, as we may not be able to meet the individual educational needs of a student with learning difficulties or who for other reasons is unable to access the curriculum as the student progresses through the year levels due to the increased level of academic requirements.

Procedures for the placement of students in classes

Classes do not necessarily remain the same from year to year.  At the end of each academic year, class teachers and specialist subject teachers discuss the academic and social needs of each individual student and place them in classes accordingly.

Learning Support

Learning Support facilitated by qualified learning support specialists is available for students with learning challenges.

Meeting the needs of individual students

Differentiation is a fundamental part of the Primary Curriculum.  Differentiated teaching and learning is used to fulfil the need of the individual student

ELL (English Language Learners)

Non-English speaking students will be referred to the ELL department on arrival to the school for assessment and will be given additional English language support should this be necessary.