Physical education program

OIS has a varity of opportunities for a comprehensive Physical Education program with a new large sportshall, a multipurpose room, weight room and a large municipal swimming pool next door as well as several sports fields, courts and tracks in the nearby visinity. Students study sports/activities such as; Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball, Handball, Floorball, Athletics, Soccer, Orienteering, Swimming and Fitness throughout the PE program.

OIS also has opprtunities to participate in International Sports Competition throughout the school year. Competitive sports include; JR/SR (YR 6 - IB) boys and girls Football, Basketball, Floorball and Running. These various competitions take place in the fall, winter and spring each year.

After school sports program

The fundamental purpose of the OIS After School Activity Program is to provide a broad range of sports/activities to aid and promote the personal growth and development of our students. Team/individual sports and activities are an integral part of OIS and serve to promote the regular core values of the school. Students will learn; respect, cooperation, care and challenge through the After School Activity Program and will be expected to act and use these values while taking part in the activities/sports they choose at OIS.

The OIS After School Programs are divided into three seasons;
Season 1: September 4th to November 10th, 2017
Season 2: November 27th to February 9th, 2018
Season 3: March 5th to June 1st, 2018

Please click on the After School Activities (on the right side) for detailed information and to register for activities.The fees vary due to the length of each activity/season and extra ordinary supplies needed.

School based programmes
The ASA Programme is an extra curricular programme that is an extension of the core curriculum at OIS. Our students will be physically and mentally challenged to attain the best of their abilities and will also attain the essential skills in the various sports and activities to be able to use later in life. OIS students will learn team and individual skills while also learning  to become ethical citizens through the instruction they receive in the ASA Programme.

OIS School Based Programmes are programmes that are organized and run by external coaches/instructors at OIS. We provide a space for the external instructors to work with our students on campus. Here you find programmes for Music, Ballet, Theatre, Karate, Arts, Robotics and Coding.

External affiliates
The OIS ASA Programme also works with external affiliates that provide sports and activities in the greater Oslo area. These activities/sports are organized and run by local clubs and organizations and welcome OIS families and students. You will find community offerings such as: Dance, Marching Band, Orchestra, American Football, Gymnastics, Golf, Baseball, Hockey, Tennis, Skating, Skiing, Swimming, Rowing, Scuba Diving and much more! If there is something else you are looking for and do not find it on the list, contact John Town at OIS.