Attainment of core learner outcomes

In assessing the school's success in helping their child attain the core learner outcomes of the school the following percentage of parents reported strong agreement or agreement. 

OIS Core Learner Outcomes: OIS students will ...


1. Attain, to the best of each individual's ability, high levels of understanding and competencies across a broad range of subjects.


2. Attain the essential knowledge, skills and attitudes to be a life-long learner.


3. Be an independent learner, active in his/her own learning.


4. Be an ethical international citizen of a changing and challenging world.



Well-being and academic benefit

When asked to comment on what their child liked or benefited from most from their time at OIS some the comments made included: 

  • "The lovely warm feel of OIS was one of the best things for my daughter. OIS made living in a foreign country much more tolerable & comfortable for our entire family."

  • "My son had a terrific year at OIS - IB1. He loved the learning environment of the IB program and the small class size. He felt that he was treated as an adult and was able to have good discussions with the staff and fellow students. He grew substantially during the year as a person and a learner. Can't thank you enough for the inclusive environment that you provide."

  • "My son had a fantastic year. The group was very welcoming and he felt at home immediately. He also enjoyed the learning environment and the structure of the program."

  • "He liked the learning environment as well as the personal follow up he had as a student. he also enjoyed the social environment.  He had many great years at OIS."

  • "Good interaction between the students and teachers and generally between the different students. Wide variety of backgrounds have lead to a excellent cultural experience in school."

  • "The teachers' views on the students, they really believe in them. Most of the teachers were also good at teaching and holding a good motivation during the four years. Being scored regularly has made her confident in written exam situations. The multicultural environment has made her much more open and curious to other ways of living."

  • "High academic standards and friendly atmosphere."

  • "The very attentive teachers, and the number of support staff, including the resources in EAL. The support and positive attitude from the staff towards our daughter. The rather small size of the school."

  • "Very dedicated teachers who gave excellent feedback and enough challenge and support!"

  • "The small classes, the friendly atmosphere and the attention to each child  individually."

  • "OIS gave us a very well rounded education that prepared us well for the  transition into a new school environment."

  • "OIS is very good at taking care of every student individually! They fight for every one of them and give them the joy of learning."

School transition preparation

We ask parents of students who leave OIS the prior year to complete an on-line survey in December of the following year in order to gather information about their transition to their new school.  In 2011, 32% of those contacted responded. An average of over 80% parents indicated that OIS was excellent or good at prepared their children for success in their new schools in the following subjects: Reading/Literature, Writing, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Performing Arts, Technology, Special Education, and English as a Second Language. In addition, 97% of parent reported that their child was happy at OIS and 96% indicated that they would recommend OIS to another family.