OIS has a Careers Office to provide career information and assist with university applications. Approximately 98% of our students go to University, with some taking a gap year first.   

Here are a list of the Universities our studens go to:

Alberta University, Canada
Arizona State University, USA
Babson College, USA
BI Norwegian Business School, Norway
Bocconi University, Italy
Boston College, USA
Boston University, USA
Brunel University, UK
Cambridge University (Churchill College), UK
Clark University, USA
College of William and Mary, USA
Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Durham University, UK
Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland
Embry Riddle University, USA
Florida Tech University, USA
Fordham University, USA
Goldsmiths University London, UK
Gustavos Adolphus College, USA
Harvard College, USA
Heriot-Watt University, Scotland
Italy Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Kingston University, UK
Lancaster University, UK
Lund University, Sweden
Lanchester University, UK
Manhattanville College USA
Middlebury College, USA
New Castle University, UK
NTNU (Norwegian Technical and Engineering Un.), Norway
Ohio Wesleyan University, USA
Oxford Brookes University, UK
Politecnico Milan, (Technical University),
Poznan University (Medicine), Poland
Purdue University, USA
Queen Mary University, UK
Regents University London, UK
Rensselaer University, USA
Rochester Institute of Technology, USA
Royal Holloway University, UK
St Andrews University, Scotland
Stanford University, USA
Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden
Tufts University, USA
UK University College London, UK
University California Irvine, USA
University Dundee, Scotland
University of Aberdeen, Scotland
University of Bath, UK
University of Birmingham, UK
University of Brighton, UK
University of Bristol, UK
University of Calgary, Canada
University of California Davis, USA
University of California San Diego USA
University of Colorado at Boulder, USA
University of East Anglia (Medicine), UK
University of Edinburgh, Scotland 
University of Exeter, UK 
University of Illinois, Urbana Champagne, USA
University of Kent, UK
University of Leiden, The Netherlands
USA Macalester College, USA
University of Michigan, USA
University of Minnesota, USA
University of Nottingham, UK 
University of Oslo, Norway
University of San Diego, USA
University of San Francisco, USA
University of Stavanger, Norway
University of Warwick, UK
University of Washington, USA
University of Westminster, UK
University of York. UK
Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
Virginia Tech University, USA
Williams College, USA