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Leadership Team

Committed to excellence

Our leadership is committed to providing the best educational experience for our students, and sets the standards for excellence.

As a dedicated internationally-minded team of the most highly qualified educators from around the globe, we ensure that each student is equally focused and prepared to become a global citizen in the world that awaits them.

Other Members of the Management Team

Leader Position

Julie Bilstad-Lager

Andrew Brown

Juanjo Garcia Gomez

Lena Hammerø

Susan Jensen

Vanessa Seed-Melbye

John Town

HR Manager

Deputy Head Primary

Director of Technology

Pre-School Leader

Deputy Head Upper Secondary

Deputy Head Lower Secondary

Community Activities Manager


Left to right: Lena Hammerø, John Town, Vanessa Seed-Melbye, Paul Sanders, Jennifer Anderson, Bengt Karlsson, Susan Jensen, Andrew Brown (Juanjo Garcia Gomez and Kathy Tellefsen not present for photo)