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Key Principles

Our Mission

To provide a broad, stimulating, and balanced international education in a diverse, dynamic, and supportive school community.

Our Vision

To be an international community where
students develop their unique potential
and become inspired global citizens.

Our Values 

We respect, we care,
we collaborate,
we innovate.

Intercultural Learning at OIS

OIS students learn to see the world from many perspectives. Our programs and learning experiences encourage students to engage with a diversity of worldviews. In practice, this means: 

  • We celebrate difference, reject intolerance, and seek shared understanding.
  • We foster curiosity about other people, cultures, and the environments around us.
  • We explore and engage with traditions and cultural experiences from around the world.
  • We create opportunities for students to develop empathetic and inclusive habits of mind. 

As a result, OIS students build meaningful relationships across cultures. 

They are prepared to be open-minded, ethical global citizens who value dialogue, community engagement, and learning.

They gain insight into their own cultures, embrace other cultures around them, and develop curiosity about those they have not yet encountered.