Oslo International School is organised as a not-for-profit educational trust. It is regulated by Norwegian law and requires a board to oversee the activities of the trust.

The primary functions of the board are:

  • To oversee the financial status of the school in accordance with Norwegian law.

  • To give overall strategic direction to the school’s operations and to ensure that the agreed goals of the school are met in accordance with the stated philosophy and aims.

  • To appoint and appraise the school leadership.


The board is made up of up to 12 members. The board elects the chairperson and it appoints new members when necessary. Board members serve for two years and can be re-appointed. Each member of the board makes decisions on the basis of what is best for the school, rather than representing a constituency. The board currently meets approximately 8 times each school year.

Board members 2018 / 2019: