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Change in Leadership Announcement

To follow are two letters that were shared with the Oslo International School community regarding a forthcoming change to our school's leadership. 

12th October 2023

Dear Members of the Oslo International School Community,

Today we have two important letters to share with you regarding our school’s leadership.

The first is a letter from Head of School Paul Sanders detailing a personal update about his future and his departure at the end of this academic year. The second is from Paul Jenkins, Chair of our Board of Trustees, sharing reflections from the board about this change and the next steps to find a suitable replacement Head of School for OIS.

We are confident that the strength and unity of the OIS community will guide us smoothly through this transitional period. If you have questions or would like to discuss any aspect of this update, please do not hesitate to reach out.




Dear OIS Community,

With gratitude for the work I get to do here at OIS each day, I write to share a personal update.

At the end of June 2024, I will conclude my time as the Head of School of Oslo International School. Please be assured that my dedication to OIS and our students remains steadfast until that time.

My family and I have decided to return to the United States to reconnect with our home country. We have appreciated so much about our time in Norway, and I will truly miss OIS after we leave at the end of the school year. However, this change is best for our family holistically. I will be serving as the head of an independent school in the United States, and my wife will have opportunities to resume her career and deepen connections with family and friends.

Helping to lead OIS has been an unparalleled honor. The daily interactions with our students, celebrating their accomplishments, and witnessing their growth has been incredibly rewarding. OIS’s exceptional teachers and leaders, truly among the best I have ever worked with, have given me reasons to be impressed and proud each day. Their positive impact on the school, including on my own daughter's education and happiness, cannot be overstated. Furthermore, I am profoundly proud of our Board of Trustees and their efforts in advancing our school's vision and development.

The OIS Board of Trustees has already initiated a search process to appoint the next head of school. I have every confidence that this process will attract a broad range of exceptional candidates. I am also confident that the community will welcome the next head of school with warmth, respect, and kindness. In the coming weeks, the Board will provide more details about the selection process, including sharing ways in which community members can participate.

I am deeply grateful for the numerous kindnesses and insightful perspectives many of you have so generously shared with me. We still have a fulfilling nine months together ahead. Throughout this time, OIS will have my full dedication and commitment.


Paul Sanders
Head of School


Dear Oslo International School Community,

As you can see in the letter he has written to the community, after three years of dedicated service Paul Sanders will be departing Oslo International School at the end of the 2023-2024 academic year to return to the United States. As he describes, Paul is making this change for personal and family reasons.

During his tenure, Paul has played a fundamental role in establishing an even more welcoming tone for our community. He and a strong team of OIS leaders have implemented significant structural and programmatic changes that enhanced the experiences of students, staff, and families. Whilst at the same time retaining, and by some measurements, enhancing the academic excellence that has been the hallmark of OIS over the years. His dedication to fostering a positive professional culture will leave a lasting mark on our school.

While this decision undoubtedly brings a mix of emotions, the Board and I deeply appreciate Paul's consistent commitment to our school's values: respect, care, innovation, and collaboration. His contributions have been invaluable in shaping the progressive trajectory of Oslo International School. I am confident that many of you will join me in expressing appreciation for his efforts and even more importantly his impact.

To ensure a rapid, healthy and successful transition, the Board has already started a process to have a new head in place. We will keep the community informed about this process, which will be run by an already appointed, and highly experienced executive search firm. Most importantly this process will include opportunities for community participation and feedback, and open communications along the way.

Together, as a community bound by our shared values, we aspire to be an international community where students develop their unique potential as they become inspired global citizens. This aspiration will be at the heart of our search for OIS’s next head of school.

Best regards,

Paul Jenkins
Chair, Board of Trustees, Oslo International School