At what age can children stay home alone?

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Appropriate ages for leaving children home alone varies from different countries. There is not a legal age requirement for when children can be left at home alone in Norway. It is more common to view this aspect from a “whole picture” approach. Are my children responsible enough to be on their own? Will my child be frightened? Are neighbours nearby in the event of an emergency? Does my child know who to call and what to do if there is a problem? It is common practice that children around age 9 and 10 are home alone for short periods during the day time in Norway. Childcare options are available on the information board at OIS and from Oslo Barnevakt Formidling, telephone 22602022.

The number for the Fire Department is 110. The police number is 112, and the Ambulance Emergency Medical Service number is 113. 

Knut Sørlie