Dental care in Norway


All treatment for children (0-18 years of age), except for dental braces, is free of charge. Your local public dental clinic calls children in for regular check-ups. As a rule, the child is first called in at the age of three. If the child has dental problems before he/she reaches the age of three, you can make enquiries with the public health nurse or contact the dental clinic. The Norwegian National Insurance Scheme grants a 40% to 100% refund on the public rate, depending on the treatment requirements. The Public Dental Health Service dental treatment for adolescents (19-20 years of age) covers 75% of the expenses, i.e. you pay 25% yourself.

The public dental clinic where you live/reside is where the dental treatment will be performed and paid for. The majority of adults must pay the expenses for dental treatment themselves. However, there are exceptions if you have certain illnesses, conditions or injuries. The dentist will assess whether you can claim support from Helfo.

Jacqueline Tollaksen