Maintaining wellness in the winter months

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Exercising, eating nutritious foods, practicing mindfulness, and maintaining social support systems are core components of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Not only is physical activity a fantastic outlet for stress, exercising 30 minutes daily may help your body release endorphins, your natural “happy hormones.”

It may be challenging during the holidays to eat healthily, but try to fill up first on healthy fruits and vegetables to maintain a balanced diet. Then have the occasional indulgence.

Meditation has been shown to improve symptoms in people suffering from depression and anxiety, and may also help calm your mind. Meditation can be as short as 10-minutes every other day to check in with your body.  Some people, especially those who find it difficult to quiet their minds, may find guided meditation helpful. There are plenty of apps such as Headspace and podcasts available to help you. Other meditative practices such as yoga, taking a quiet walk outside, or even closing your eyes to focus on listening to your favorite song can also be helpful.

Keeping in touch with your family, friends, and other caring people in your life strengthens your sense of community and provides you with a strong support system to call on if/when you feel down. 

Knut Sørlie