Physical discipline is prohibited in Norway

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Parenting styles and discipline measures vary in different cultures. In Norway, aggressive types of physical contact, when disciplining your child, is illegal. This includes spanking.

The Children Act - Relating to Children and Parents, Act of 8 April 1981, section 30. Meaning of parental responsibility: The child is entitled to care and consideration from those who have parental responsibility. These persons have the right and the duty to make decisions for the child in personal matters within the limits set by sections 31 to 33. Parental responsibility shall be exercised on the basis of the child’s interests and needs.

Those who have parental responsibility are under obligation to bring up and maintain the child properly. They shall ensure that the child receives an education according to his or her ability and aptitude. The child must not be subjected to violence or in any other way be treated so as to harm or endanger his or her mental or physical health. This shall also apply when violence is carried out in connection with the child’s upbringing. Use of violence and frightening or annoying behavior or other inconsiderate conduct towards the child is prohibited.

In accordance with Norwegian law, schools are obligated to report to the child protection authorities any suspected incidences or concerns. More information regarding Norwegian law in English can be found at Our counsellors have several resources available to parents and are open to discuss ideas around discipline at home with parents.


Some resources of interest may include: 
The Gentle Discipline Book: How to Raise Co-operative, Polite and Helpful Children by Sarah Ockwell-Smith
Positive Parenting: An Essential Guide by Rebecca Eanes
The Five Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman & Ross Campbell, M.D.

Knut Sørlie