Adult Thump Boxing

Adult Thump Boxing


Thump boxing, known as boxing for fitness, has taken fitness world by storm and is the most preferred form of exercise among personal trainers and fitness instructors. Weight loss, muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness are only a fraction of what boxing training offers to its participants. Boxing for fitness requires no choreography which makes it easy to learn and simple to follow. Using focus pads and boxing gloves, trainers are able to provide the most dynamic and functional total body workouts with fun drills to improve participants’ speed, power, endurance and balance. Training can be conducted in small spaces and still provide high intensity exercises with minimal impact and stress on joints. Niina Halvorsen is a qualified personal trainer and Thump boxing instructor with 3 years of working experience in Singapore. She has specialized in pre- and postnatal training and able to alter the classes to suit different physical capabilities and fitness levels.

“What I love most about boxing for fitness is its simplicity and the power it has to stir determination and emotion of the participants. The principles of coaching to all levels of fitness make it an easy concept to follow allowing varying degrees of intensity and fun filled workout routines.” - Niina

Day: Friday

Time: 9:10 - 10:10

14, 21
January: 18, 25
February: 1, 8, 15
March: 1

Instructor: Niina Halvorsen (OIS mum)

Room: Multipurpose Hall

Price: 600 nok

Minimum participants: 8

Maximum participants: 12

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