How many students attend OIS?

Current enrolment is around 600 students.

My child doesn't speak English. Can they still attend your school?

There is no minimum English language requirement for applicants to the Primary School. Applicants to the Secondary School are required to meet a minimum English language proficiency appropriate to their year level and will be tested prior to admission. Students who meet our admission requirement but are in need of English language support will receive support from our ELL department.

Will my child learn Norwegian?

All OIS students in Years 1-10 study Norwegian, which is the language of our host nation. For native speakers we offer Norwegian language A (language and literature), while for learners of Norwegian as a foreign language we offer Norwegian B (language acquisition).

We have a 2-year beginner's course, Norwegian C, to prepare our students completely new to Norwegian, for later entry into Norwegian B. Students new to OIS, who enter when Norwegian C is offered at its second and final year will do one year of Nordic Studies before entering into the 2-year Norwegian C course.

In the IB program our students can chose to continue their Norwegian studies in either Language A or B classes.

We see studying Norwegian as an essential element to social integration into our host nation, whether living in Norway for only a short period or for life.

What are the guidelines for Admission?

Admission is open to students who demonstrate the ability to access and benefit from the challenging international curriculum offered by the school. For more details see our Admissions Policy.

Applicants to Years 7-10 (from age 11 years and older) are required to meet a minimum English language proficiency appropriate to their year level and applicants to the Upper Secondary School (Pre-IB and IB1) are required to have a minimum English language proficiency of a strong B1 as described in the Common European Framework of Languages.

Are there waiting lists?

OIS does not retain a waiting list. Applicants who meet our requirements but were unsuccessful due to lack of space are invited to re-apply.

Priority will be given to the children of expats whose employer has an agreement to reserve a specific number of places at the school and then to expat applicant's whose parents are on a short-term employment assignment to Norway.

Is there an entrance exam?

The school may request additional information, administer placement tests, or request an extra interview if deemed necessary.

What is the average class size?

The average class size is 15 students in Primary School and 17 in Secondary.

Are there boarding facilities?

There are no boarding facilities. Students enrolling must be in residence with a parent at all times.