Application steps

1) Online application

Online application form - within the online form, you will be asked to upload a copy of the applicant's passport

2) Application fee payment

Application fee payment (follow the link to credit card payment) A non-refundable application fee is due at the time you submit your online application. It is non-refundable even if the student is not offered a place, the offer of a place is declined, or the application is withdrawn. The application fee is 2,500 NOK per child or 5,000 NOK per family when applying for 2 or more children together.

3) Submit required supporting documents

School records/transcripts, translated into English - to be provided by the applicant’s most recent school and returned directly to OIS.

Confidential OIS Recommendation Form - to be completed by the current/most recent school and returned to OIS directly by e-mail or post. Please download and print the appropriate form to give to your child’s school: Pre-School to Year 2, Years 3 to 6, or Years 7 to IB

OIS Health Declaration form - please include copies of all vaccination records.

Financial Agreement form - to be completed and signed by the parent(s) and employer, if applicable.

What to expect from us

1) Communication

We will advise you of the next steps in the process, whether any documents are missing, or if additional information is required.

2) Decision

Completed application packages will undergo a detailed review by key faculty and staff, including the Admissions office and Heads of school. Families will be advised of our decision in writing via e-mail.

3) Orientation meeting

Upon acceptance of a place in school, families will be invited to a mandatory orientation meeting with a Principal/Counsellor.