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Strong learning results

OIS offers an internationally recognized curriculum in a school culture that emphasizes cooperation and global awareness. Our rigorous and balanced academic programme helps every child develop their unique potential.  The excellent results our students achieve in national and international exams are testament to our effective teaching.

An inclusive and engaging learning environment

The OIS learning environment is both welcoming and inclusive and–with over 50 different nationalities–our students are respected for the diverse cultures they represent. Our teachers are supportive and highly qualified, aiming to promote intellectual growth and excellence in all aspects of learning. Class sizes are small, allowing a focus on both the academic and emotional development of each individual.

Seamless international transitions

For families moving frequently, our curriculum supports a smooth transition between schools and across borders.  With the support of a dedicated University Careers Advisor, over 90% of our students go on to top-ranking universities across the world.

Well prepared for the future

At OIS, our ultimate goal is to prepare students for the world beyond our classrooms. We aim to help our students attain high levels of understanding and competencies across a broad range of subjects. We nurture them to develop an independent approach to their own learning. With the knowledge, skills and attitudes to be life-long learners, we strive to ensure that they emerge as ethical international citizens, fully prepared for their future.

It’s all about learning! The focus on academic achievement, general professionalism, and care for the individual student is impressive at OIS–and ultimately touching for parents. OIS has made a huge difference to our children and we simply want to express our appreciation for all that the school stands for.
— Parent quote