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Exploring and Learning

Pre-School provides a nurturing environment that is interactive and stimulating. Our young learners explore and discover through hands on experiences, leading to independence, courage and curiosity. 

Our Pre-School programme is inspired by the English Early Years Foundation Stage and The International Early Years Curriculum. It is designed around the continuous flow of new information and experiences that are both fun and challenging, allowing each child to reach his or her full potential. Children are able to explore and learn in a safe, educational and predictable environment where art, music, language, science and numbers are interwoven.

Our dynamic and caring staff arrange many exciting events related to international mindedness that embrace diversity, as well as local culture and traditions. Parental participation is encouraged and welcomed. 

Pre-School age group: 3-5 years

Our Pre-School Guide 

We provide a fun, safe and happy space for children aged 3 to 5 to enjoy a great learning experience. We aim to give them a wonderful start to their academic and experiential journey.

A typical week in Pre-School

School is Monday to Friday from 08:20 to 15:05. The children ease  gently into their day, with some play or "carpet" time, before playing with letters, numeracy, music, creativity, sport or science. 



Our little ones are having a blast! The creative activities, caring teachers, and fun-filled atmosphere make each day a new adventure."

Pre-School Parent


Teachers sow seeds for a lifetime. Choose us for a safe, enjoyable, and educational pre-school experience with experienced, caring teachers who help children play, learn, and grow through love, friendship, and enquiry."

Lena Hammerø, Pre-School Leader