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Fitness & Sport

Shaping strong bodies and minds

Our dedicated PE teachers run a comprehensive sports programme aimed at buidling physical fitness, self-esteem and valuable life skills.

A Comprehensive PE Programme

OIS offers a comprehensive Physical Education programme in modern premises, comprising two large sports halls and a multi-purpose gym. We also make use of several sports fields in the nearby vicinity, as well as a modern municipal swimming pool (with mandatory swimming lessons for all Primary to Year 8 students). 

Students participate in a wide variety of sports (including basketball, badminton, volleyball, handball, floorball, frisbee, athletics, soccer, orienteering, aesthetics and fitness), allowing them to find the sport that best suits their interests and abilities. We also provide opportunities for participation in recreational and competitive leagues, so that students can engage in sports at their own level of skill and interest.

Placing a strong emphasis on teamwork and good sportsmanship, we help our students develop important life skills such as leadership, communication and cooperation. We are committed to providing a positive sports experience for all of our students to help them grow physically, mentally and emotionally.


"To me, physical activity is the foundation of a healthy mind and body. It's so rewarding to witness our students' personal growth through their enthusiasm and sporting engagement.

- Karen Borgen, P.E. Teacher 

Competitive Sports

At OIS, we encourage participation in international sports competitions throughout the school year. The school accommodates necessary time out of class to compete in a variety of competitions across a range of team and individual sports.

Junior and Senior teams, from Years 6 through to IB2, participate in The Norwegian International Schools League (NISL) in football, basketball, volleyball, floorball and cross-country running. In addition, they take part in the Nordic Sports League for football and basketball. Both tournaments are held within the nordic countries of Norway, Sweden Denmark and Finland, in the autumn and winter/spring seasons.