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Unlocking their creativity

The OIS Creative Arts Programme promotes 21st century skills in visual arts, music and drama, elevating the artistic potential of our students and balancing the academic curriculum.

Visual Arts

In Primary and Secondary, students broaden their knowledge of art, develop their skills and communicate their own sense of identity through historical study, exploration and practical activities. These activities include drawing, painting, photography, sculpture and printmaking.

From Year 2 to Year 6 children learn about the elements of art and the principles of design, whilst experimenting with different art media and practising their drawing and painting skills. They are introduced to art history and famous painters and paintings, as well as using art to explore world culture. Links are made with the International Primary Curriculum units which are studied in the classroom.

Visual Arts in Secondary is designed for students who have a passion for art and wish to develop their skills and understanding of the subject in a holistic and challenging way. The programme covers a wide range of media, including painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, and digital art, and encourages students to experiment with different techniques and styles.

Additionally, strong emphasis is placed on the process of creating art, including research, experimentation, and critical reflection, and students are encouraged to explore the social and cultural contexts in which art is created and experienced. 



It is inspiring to take part in the student’s artistic development and see them creating unique works with layers of meaning. 

- Sigrid Rivertz, Upper Secondary Art Teacher

IB2 Artwork Exhibition 2022

Music and Drama

Music as a subject is offered from Pre-School through to Year 10. The younger children participate in musical games and singing, and explore a wide variety of instruments and sounds around them. These include sounds in their immediate and school environment, as well as those created by body percussion, non-tuned and tuned instruments.

As they move up through school, students develop their musical skills, knowledge and understanding and apply these to more complex assignments. In Secondary, both music and drama are taught a part of the curriculum from years 7-10. As part of our music and drama co-curricular programme, we produce a Secondary School production, exploring a variety of genres from musicals, comedies, dramas and new writing for young people.



Music and drama are a powerful way of developing creativity and self-expression. They are also great builders of self-confidence and teamwork. 

- Kari Dubbel, Drama Teacher


School Play 2022