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Co-Curricular Trips

Connecting with nature

Nature is key to the Norwegian way of living and quality of life. OIS takes advantage of this to enhance the educational experiences of our students and to promote inter-cultural and international awareness. 


Not all classrooms have four walls. With all that Norway has to offer, how can we not take advantage?

- Christine Evensen, Geography Teacher

Pre-School and Primary

Nature school is an opportunity for children in Pre-School through Year 2 to experience Norwegian outdoor life. They learn about the flora and fauna typically found in local woodland areas, follow nature trails and take part in creative and educational activities on a journey of discovery.

Cross Country Skiing is a co-curricular activity that is part of the curriculum for students in Year 1 through Year 5.  Keeping them active during the winter months, this is an activity that develops endurance, balance, coordination and concentration.

Saeteren Gård Sleepover allows Year 5 students to spend a night with their peer group, on a small farm in a rural setting close to school. The farm boasts an obstacle course, an activity tower and a maze, as well as a selection of small animals.


Lower Secondary

Brennabu Winter Activity Camp is an opportunity for students in Years 6 to 7 to spend a week trying all things wintery, including snow shoeing, cross-country and alpine skiing, as well as survival in the mountains.

Kragerø Sea School is a one-week spring camp where Year 8 students learn about ocean geology, marine life, sailing, fishing, exploration and boat safety.

Troll Aktiv is a five day camp during the summer term at an outdoor activity centre. Year 9 students learn about water safety and try rock climbing, rappelling, mountain biking, canoeing, kayaking, white water rafting and rip wiring.

Language Visits to France, Spain or Norway encourage Year 10 students to challenge themselves in the language they are studying. These week-long trips are about language acquisition and cultural appreciation, and are always a highlight of the year. Students going to Spain or France live with host families and so get fully immersed.


Upper Secondary

Soleggen Mountain Activity Trip is a one-week venture into the Norwegian wilderness. Located in unspoiled nature, Pre-IB students hike the rocky terrain and try cave crawling, with built in down time for meditation and contemplation in a specially constructed Nordic hut.

UNSTAD Surf Camp is a special week stay in the beautiful Lofoten islands on the west coast of Norway. IB1 students try surfing with professional guides, mountain hiking, fly fishing and even playing football on one of the most iconic pitches in the world. View student directed short film.

We make a point of bringing the class out of the room.

Ad hoc field trips, nature walks, museum and organisation visits are also organised throughout the school year for all year levels.