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Upper Secondary

Preparing for international studies

The Upper Secondary Programme is a cohesive, balanced and challenging 3-Year course of study (Pre-IB to IB2), with final examinations that prepare students for success at university and employment. 

The educational philosophy of the International Baccalaureate Programme is to develop enquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. Known for its intellectual rigour and high academic standards, the IB and the Upper Secondary place strong emphasis on the ideals of international understanding and responsible citizenship.

The Pre-IB and IB Diploma Programme have a combined total of 120-140 enrolled students. Applications are considered based on the student’s previous academic records and recommendations.

Upper Secondary age group: 15-18 years

Impressive IB results

We are proud of the excellent results our students earn in the IB Diploma Programme each year. OIS students, supported by a team of experienced and knowledgeable teachers, consistently earn results that compare favourably to some of the very best schools in the world.


- 100% pass rate for the last 5 years 
- OIS average score of 36.5 pts compared to world average of 30.24 
- 26% of graduates earn Bilingual Diploma


Joining Upper Secondary at OIS really helped me reach my potential. I feel so well prepared for my future studies.

- IB2 student

Pre-IB: getting ready for the IB Diploma Programme

The purpose of the Pre-IB curriculum is to make the transition from Lower to Upper Secondary smoother for students and to prepare them fully for the rigorous demands of the IB Diploma Programme.

Students study 6-7 academic subjects concurrently; they are required to study English, Mathematics, a Humanities subject, a Science, and a Second Language. In addition, students continue to study Physical Education in the Pre-IB Programme. To prepare them further for the IB Diploma Programme, they also take two preparatory courses, each comprising three separate components. IB skills focuses on research, service learning and creativity. In addition, students are introduced to economics, communication & media, and computer science through tailored trimester courses, designed to give them an insight into the nature of a subject not previously studied.


IB: recognised for admission to the world's leading universities

In Years 12 and 13, students follow the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme.  This is a challenging 2-year pre-university course of study designed for highly motivated students.  Introduced at OIS in 1989, the IB Diploma is recognised for admission to the world’s leading universities.

Choice of subjects is made within six groups, including Languages, Humanities, Experimental Sciences, Mathematics and an elective subject. Grades are on a scale of 1 – 7, with 7 being the highest achievable grade. The IB Diploma is awarded to students who gain at least 24 points. 

The six academic subjects are studied concurrently. At least three subjects–but not more than four–are taken at higher level, while the others are standard level. HL courses consist of 240 teaching hours, SL courses of 150 hours. Students are thus able to explore some subjects in depth and others more broadly, which is a deliberate compromise between the early specialisation of some national systems and the breadth found in others. In addition, all students must complete a research paper on a topic of their choice (Extended Essay), participate in Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) and fulfil the requirements of the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course.

The IB develops inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through education that builds intercultural understanding and respect.

- International Baccalaureate Organisation



Each year, over 95% of our graduates are accepted into at least one of their top university choices.



With results like these, it's no wonder that our graduates are accepted into extraordinary universities around the world!

- OIS Board Member


Upper Secondary Profile

Our Upper Secondary Profile gives an overview of enrolment and Upper Secondary course offerings, as well as a list of the universities attended by last year's graduates.

University counselling

University counsellors support our students and help them prepare for further education and beyond.

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

Some universities in certain countries require or accept the Scholastic Aptitude Test for entry. These include, for example, the US, Canada, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Many universities have become SAT optional in recent years.