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SAT Registration

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

Some universities in certain countries require or accept the Scholastic Aptitude Test for entry. These include, for example, the US, Canada, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Many universities have become SAT optional in recent years.

Oslo International School is an official test centre for the SAT exam in the Oslo area. You do not need to be a student at the school to take your test here. Tests are held at the weekend, on a Saturday. Dates for 2024/25 are as follows:

  • 09 March 2024
  • 04 May 2024
  • 01 June 2024 
  • 24 August 2024
  • 05 October 2024 
  • 07 December 2024 
  • 08 March 2025
  • 03 May 2025
  • 07 June 2025

To apply, please visit the College Board website: SAT International Registration | College Board. There you will also find lots of practice materials, as well as more details about what the test involves, advice for test day, and information about the new digital SAT.

SAT tests are administered at OIS in the Upper Secondary building (see below).

SAT Visiting Address:

Upper Secondary Building
Oslo International School
Gamle Ringeriksvei 53
1357 Bekkestua, Norway

For queries, please contact our SAT Coordinator, Natacha Andreassen.

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