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University Counselling

Planning the future step-by-step

The Upper Secondary years (Yr10-IB2) represent the final stepping stones towards the beginning of tertiary education and life after OIS. Our university counsellors value the opportunity to support students in exploring their interests and options to make the most informed decisions about their futures.

The landscape of international university admissions is ever-changing, but students can remain focused on their trajectories guided by their areas of strength. Using the Unifrog platform to anchor our work, we hold constructive conversations, conduct focused research, and engage in thoughtful planning to help students navigate the college admissions journey with confidence. Along the way, counsellors aim to support students in finding their unique voice in their personal statements and college essays, contributing to a strong, competitive application. As each student’s individual pathway unfolds, we hope that our university preparatory work will add clarity and calm to demystify an often uncertain and unpredictable process.  

Year 10, a good time to start

Oftentimes, students feel far removed from the college admissions process at this stage (as Y10 is a Lower Secondary year), but this is an ideal time to begin exploring.

Pre-IB lays the foundations

Pre-IB lays the foundation for the IB Diploma Programme. Students should start seeing the relevance between subject choices and future IB options. 

IB1, an active approach

IB1 marks the beginning of the IB Diploma Programme and requires more active engagement on the university front.

IB2, the final chapter

IB2 represents the final chapter. As students refine their university lists and begin to apply, we will guide them through the nuances of varying systems around the world.






Each year, more than 95% of our graduates are accepted into at least one of their top three university choices.

Jacqueline Tollaksen,
University Counsellor
June Jetabut,
University Counsellor


 Helping students explore their passions and pursuits amidst an ever-changing world is a gift. Together, we search for prospects uniquely designed for our talented students, so they may leave our doors with the assurance that they are equipped to make the world a better place.”

- Dr. Jetabut