Application criteria and information

Local applicants with an interest in an international English language education are welcome to submit an application for their children. Please note that, although all students receive Norwegian language instruction, OIS is not a bilingual school.

Local applicants are defined by the school as Norwegian passport holders (including students holding other passports) and permanent residents.

The following should be noted:

  1. Local applicants have an application deadline of 1 March each year to be considered for a start in school in August of the same year.

  2. We limit the number of places we offer to local applicants, as our primary mission is to serve expat families temporarily living and working in Norway.

  3. We prioritise applicants who are currently attending another international school abroad or have attended other English-language schools.

  4. Availability of places increases with age – space can be very limited in Pre-School and Primary but increases somewhat in Lower Secondary (Years 8-10). Upper Secondary (Pre-IB & IB1) is equally open for both expat and local applicants who meet the academic requirements.

  5. OIS does not retain a waiting list. Unsuccessful applicants are invited to re-apply for possible admission in future academic years.  The application fee is waived when you re-apply for the academic year following an unsuccessful application.

  6. As a school approved under the Norwegian Education Act § 2-12, our students are not covered by the right to special education (including PPT), special language training, education in Sami or school transport.

  7. Local applicants (including repatriating Norwegians) can benefit from a reduced rate of tuition and should apply for the reduction along with their application for admission. For more information see the Reduced Tuition Application Form and Reduced Tuition Fees 2018-2019. The Reduced Tuition Application Form applies to new students only.

Application process overview

  1. Optional: School visit or phone call

  2. Complete the online application form

  3. Make your application fee payment

  4. Submit required supporting documents

  5. Admissions committee reviews complete applications and communicates decision by e-mail on 1 June.