Equipping students for a rapidly changing future

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Head of Secondary

Peter Luitjens
Phone: +47 918 64 257

The Lower Secondary Curriculum is a school-based curriculum that promotes an education of an academic and international nature, with the development of 21st century skills.

The emphasis is on independent and critical thinking so that students are better equipped for the future by being more knowledgeable, more effective communicators, and more reflective and enquiring thinkers.

In the Lower Secondary, students are challenged to develop high levels of understanding and skills across a broad and balanced range of subjects. The school provides many opportunities for the development of abilities within and outside the curriculum. Our teachers care about and support the development of each individual student, and the end results are excellent academic achievements and wide choices for further study.

The ultimate goals are the development of attributes in young people that will enable them to understand and manage the complexities of the world and help them to be better students, more competent adults and more responsible global citizens.