Overview National Test results 

The purpose of national tests is according to the Directorate of Education to provide schools with knowledge about their students' proficiency in Norwegian reading, Math and English. The information from the samples shall form the basis for assessment and quality development at all levels in the school system. These tests give results about pupils at individual, group and school level. The results also provide information to local and national authorities. The tests will be completed in autumn, shortly after students start 5th, 8th and 9th grade.

The Directorate of Education says that the result shall primarily be used for the following:
- Teachers will use it to follow up their students and include it in their individual learning plans.
- Municipalities and schools will use it as a basis for quality development.
- Researchers can use it for research.

Please note that the Directorate of Education emphasise that the national test results do not answer everything. The results of the national tests give a limited picture of the skills and competence of the students. One must therefore always see the results in conjunction with other relevant information about the school, the municipality and the students. 

OIS will communicate the aggregated results through the Parent Portal and individual student results directly.

National averages, Bærum municipal averages and OIS averages

National averages, Bærum municipal averages and OIS averages