Capoeira - adult/child

Capoeira - adult/child


Welcome to lessons in Brazil's national sport: Capoeira!

This year you can join us for evening classes in Capoeira at OIS. Feel like getting a great work-out while your children are at their own practice? We are now offering separate lessons for adults and children at the same time. One instructor holds classes for the children, while another conducts an adult beginners class. This is a great opportunity to work out at the same time as your kids. Capoeira is a fantastic sport where we can promise a full body work out with lots of fun movements. We have excellent instructors with years of experience.

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that uses a wide variety of elements such as music, dance, and acrobatics. It is a ‘non-violent’ sport where the focus lies in learning to control your own body’s reactions and reading the body language of others. By practicing Capoeira, you train your entire body at the same time. The children will also be introduced to the rich and fascinating Afro-Brazilian culture. Most importantly, Capoeira is fun!

It is a sport that suits adults and children of all ages. We’ve held classes for younger children, from about 3-4 years, all the way up to teenagers and young adults. We work hard to create a varied and fun programme especially designed for the children’s age group and ability. By teaching Capoeira in schools, we hope to create a safe environment where children can have fun and learn something new. Come join us!

Please note: This course is run by an external company affiliated to OIS. Your credit card details must be entered when asked for but no money will be deducted by OIS, please register below:
Registration: please email Kristin da Silva

Payment: Price: Kr 500 for all new participants. All OIS participants attending on Fridays are free on Wednesdays.
Please make your payment for evening class directly to account number: 1503 36 37796. The organization name is: CDONORWAY. Remember to put your name(s) and class in the text box when making your payment!

Day: Wednesdays (Evening lessons for adults at the same time as your children train!)

Session 1 time: 17.30 -18.30 (ages 3 - 8)

Session 2 time: 18.30 - 19.30 (ages 9 and up)

Start date: January 16, 2019

End date: June 12, 2019

Instructor: Kristin da Silva

Room: Gymnasium

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