Creative cooking for adults

Creative cooking for adults


Creative cooking course for the parents

This creative cooking class is the perfect course for anyone who loves the beautiful flavours that come from the Mediterranean. You will explore this famously fresh and fragrant cuisine and learn how to present food like a professional chef !

Content of our cookery course includes:

  • Introduction to the flavours and ingredients that give Mediterranean cuisine its characteristic appeal and learn various techniques associated with this cuisine

  • Introduction of the molecular gastronomy and the concept of « food pairing» to inspire your own creativity in the kitchen!

It’s fun, social – and best of all, you will be able to taste what you prepared  after the cooking session. Join us any time!

To register contact Laurent by E-mail : 

For more information, visit us :

Day: Tuesday

Time: 18.15 - 20.30

10,  24
8, 15


For the «package» of 5 courses : 1780 kr (all included)

 «A la carte» price : 410 kr per course (all included)

Instructor: Chef Laurent

Room: OIS Kitchen

Please carrefully note that the minimum attendance required is of 6 participants

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