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Student Life

Embracing a rich and fulfilling life

At OIS, we strive to promote healthy and happy lives at school

Our health and well-being services are central to our school, with dedicated professionals available to support students in taking care of their physical, emotional and social well-being.

Our After School Activities programme encourages students to explore their passions and interests, while academic competitions give students the opportunity to showcase their knowledge and skills. The Student Council and Club programme provides opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and serve as representatives of their peers.

Campus resources, including the library and innovation space, are available for students to use as part of their course and our co-curricular programmes. And our school lunch programme provides convenience for families while promoting proper nutrition for academic success and overall well-being. All of these programmes and services are essential for a student's growth, development, and overall well-being.

Health & Well-being

We understand that the key to unlocking student potential lies in fostering a healthy and well-rounded environment. 

After School Activities

Our After School Activities Programme offers a wide variety of activities to cater to the skills and passions of our students. 

Academic Competitions

Students are encouraged and assisted to take part in a range of academic competitions in Norway, abroad and online.

Student Council & Clubs

Taking part in the student council and student led clubs gives our students a voice, and fosters school spirit.

Campus Resources

A campus environment that provides the resources and support our students need.

Reason to Celebrate

Celebrations at OIS are vital to fostering a positive and inclusive school culture. We provide many opportunities for our community to come together, to appreciate one another and to celebrate.