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After School Activities

Unlocking our students' potential beyond the curriculum

Our After School Activities Programme offers a wide variety of activities to cater to the skills and passions of our students. From sports to creativity, and language to technology, it's all here.

Balancing the academics

Our after-school activities programme provides our students with an opportunity to balance their academic studies and challenge themselves to develop a variety of skills that they enjoy and can use throughout life. We have a wide range to suit many tastes including sports (such as football, floorball, basketball and volleyball), science and technology (such as lego robotics, science club and kids concoctions) and arts and crafts (such as sand art, choir, dance and theatre).

Most of our after school activities follow a three-season schedule over the course of the academic year. It is a programme that is constantly evolving and involves many skilled members of our community, who share their knowledge and expertise to benefit the performance, physical fitness, self-esteem and self-confidence of our students.



"I've seen first hand the incredible impact these activities have on children. Kids discover new passions, build self-confidence, and develop important life skills for the future."

- John Town, Community Activities Manager

Widening our offer with local clubs

Many of our sports and extra-curricular activities are organised and led on campus by highly qualified external instructors from local clubs and organisations. These are advertised during our annual after school activities fair held at the beginning of the school year. Community offerings are wide ranging to suit many tastes and include sport, creativity and music. Downhill ski courses are offered during the winter season.

We regularly participate in competitions with local clubs, as well as with other international schools at home and abroad. To follow are just a few of the sports clubs: American Football, Gymnastics, Golf, Baseball, Hockey, Tennis, Skating, Skiing, Swimming, Rowing, Scuba Diving and many more.

A balance between activities and academics makes well-rounded students.