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Health and Well-being

Happy, healthy and safe students learn better

The key to unlocking student potential lies in fostering a healthy and happy environment. We recognize that those who are physically and mentally healthy are more likely to thrive academically and in life.

Safety first!

Oslo International School strives to be a safe and welcoming environment for learning and play, as well as an arena for children to gradually acquire skills for evaluating and handling safety risks.

The school seeks to strike a balance between the varying risk sensitivities of its students, while taking into account the safety and security situation of the local environment. The school complies fully with Norwegian educational regulations and international school standards with regard to safety equipment, procedures, staff training and facilities.

OIS has a comprehensive and well-established Health, Safety and Welfare committee with clearly defined roles and responsibilities, policies, procedures and protocols, as well as equipment and technical installations to keep students as safe as possible.

Socio-Emotional Counsellors

OIS has two full-time School Counsellors–one for Primary and one for Secondary. The counsellor’s role is to help students become healthy, confident and successful learners. We appreciate that students learn best when their social and emotional needs are supported.

The School Counsellors collaborate with teachers, parents and other community professionals to help support the emotional needs of our students. Counsellor services include individual or group counselling, consultation with parents and teachers, referrals to community resources, as well as class lessons designed to support emotional growth and development.

Cara Lange, Primary Counsellor
Diane Cooper, Secondary Counsellor
Caroline de Jongh, School Nurse
Hege Webster, School Nurse

Onsite Nursing

A nurse is available for students during school hours to provide help and advice on all health-related issues.

If a student is injured or sufficiently unwell as to be unable to return to normal classes within a reasonable period of time, parents will be requested to collect their child from the medical facility. All students will be offered adequate vaccinations in accordance with the Norwegian Vaccination Programme for Children, in cooperation with the local municipality. Hearing and vision assessments are also offered to students in Year 2, Year 6 and Year 10.