Learning technology & library media centre


21st century learning demands new pedagogical and technological approaches to using information and communications technology (ICT) for learning. It is the responsibility of all OIS staff to prepare students for the demands of an ever-changing world, through facilitating learning in a technology-rich environment. At OIS, we recognise and value the positive uses of technology and the opportunities it provides. We aim to be an innovator in the use of ICT to:

  • enhance student learning.

  • streamline learning systems.

  • extend traditional understanding and boundaries of physical and virtual learning spaces.

  • facilitate a teaching and learning culture that is as dynamic as the emergence of new technologies.

Mobile computing enables students to learn anywhere at any time. Netbooks, Notebooks and iPads add an international dimension to learning as students research, communicate and collaborate in a global context. They learn to research and evaluate content, becoming critical thinkers and discerning users of information.

At OIS, we believe that technology has its place both inside and outside the classroom. Students have 24/7 access to an Online Learning System–ItsLearning–at school and at home. They are able to complete online assessment tasks and have access to further learning opportunities on demand. The eLearning platform builds a partnership between parents, students and teachers. Parents are able to view the academic progress of their children through the grade book at any time. The school has wireless network access, and is equipped with notebooks, iPad computers, mobile iPad/notebook carts, four PC-labs, projectors and e-beams in each classroom, thus facilitating an engaging and visual focus.

The Library Media Centre was renamed the Wilhelm Wilhelmsen Library in 2011. The facility is a 300 square metre space located in the heart of the school, containing an up-to-date collection of over 20,000 books, magazines, online resources and a computer lab.  The centre is staffed by two librarians who provide research skills instruction and assistance to students, staff, and parents.

Knut Sørlie