Service learning


Through our goal to inspire our students to be internationally minded global citizens active in a changing and challenging the world, a variety of humanitarian programmes (both with local and global outreach), are integrated into our curriculum.

At OIS we place fundraising in a context of learning in order to broaden the knowledge and understanding of its importance throughout the school. We limit our focus to one main charity, which is recognisable, understandable and tangible for all of our students–irrespective of age. By doing so, we allow even our youngest students to develop an emotional connection to the initiatives we support. We also need to be certain that our contribution truly matters and actually reaches those in need of help. Through direct contact, we aim to make our service and charity learning visible to all our students, and to create a lifelong commitment to helping those in greater need than ourselves.

Based on our Upper Secondary CAS students’ experience in Mozambique in April 2016, OIS decided to ‘adopt’ Bobole Primary School, based in a rural area outside the capital city, Maputo. Bobole school provides primary education to more than 800 children in two shifts–400 in the morning hours and 400 in the late afternoon. Their school facilities are in very poor condition with only three covered classrooms, and teachers have few or no resources. Most of the lessons are taught outdoors under the hot sun or in the rain. In collaboration with the American International School of Mozambique (AISM) our CAS students have contributed to the school by building two new classrooms and bathroom facilities. Through various student-led fundraising activities, money was also raised money to fund the installation of a water pump. Our students continue to develop their relationship with Bobole school and will be working on new philanthropic projects in the coming year.

Knut Sørlie