Easing Transitions

Students moving into the Secondary section of school experience many changes. Ultimately, the purpose of the Year 7 curriculum is to make the transition from Primary to Secondary smoother for students, introducing them more gradually to the new demands of the Secondary curriculum.

In Year 7, students study 6 academic subjects concurrently. They are required to study English, Mathematics, a Humanities subject, Combined Science, Arts and Norwegian. In addition, students continue to study Physical Education as well as Digital Skills and Personal, Social, Health Education. The latter is particularly important for the development of the social and self-management skills required for future success–be that at OIS or elsewhere.

The curriculum is designed to address the following student needs:

1.      to learn how to use the required software for Secondary (Itslearning and transition from using ipads to laptops)

2.     to spend more time learning organisational skills and the independence required for success in the Secondary

3.     to gradually shift to dealing with new subjects and more teachers

4.     to learn the expectations and regulations of Secondary (including exams)

5.     to transition from different programmes and systems in Maths, Literacy, SfL and English B.