Academic and personal development

The Year 8-10 Curriculum is guided by OIS' commitment to five main principles:

  • providing a broad and balanced educational experience

  • supporting the individual student's development within the context of the core learner outcomes

  • educating for ethical, international citizenship

  • preparing students for further education

  • meeting national requirements

The Framework is built around 7 subject groups that provide each student with a broad and balanced range of subjects in every year of the programme. Six of these provide a foundation of knowledge in traditional subject disciplines (English, Language B, Humanities, Sciences, Mathematics and the Arts) while the seventh, namely Physical Education, is a vital component in the holistic education of each student.

In addition to this basic structure, students are required to participate in the PSHE programme in Years 7-10; each student is also placed in a Norwegian Language course that satisfies national requirements, and 21st Century skills are developed through the project-based courses of digital skills, service learning and global issues.

The curriculum:

1.      sets and helps students achieve high academic standards.

2.      focuses on ambitious learning outcomes that are student-centred and skills-based.

3.      consists of challenging and coherent programmes of study, as well as approaches to learning and teaching.

4.      supports and allows all students to develop their unique potential within the context of the school’s aims and programmes.

5.      is delivered by highly qualified and motivated teachers who work collaboratively with each other and their students.